Haider-Moranis Bulletin: Why you'll be waiting a long time for family-sized condos

It’s a frequent refrain from young condo-dwellers looking to upsize or start a family without fleeing to the suburbs: Why aren’t there more large units  downtown?A recent report by the City Building Institute (CBI) at Ryerson University and a survey by Environics Research both highlighted the need for three-bedroom units in Toronto, arguing that developers an [...]

23 November 2017

Expect your divorce’s dirty laundry to be aired in public, unless you live in Quebec

Canada’s incoming Governor-General, Julie Payette, recently sought to have the contents of her Maryland divorce file sealed. It’s a sentiment that many who have gone through a divorce probably share.Unfortunately for Payette and for most Canadians, the courts here set a high bar for restricting the public’s access to court files.Except for Quebec, all other Canadian provinces presume that bo [...]

20 September 2017

Think your defined benefit pension is money in the bank? Think again

CALGARY — Sue Earl, a 38-year Sears Canada employee, was shocked when she found out she would only initially receive 81 per cent of the value of her pension as part of the company’s insolvency process. The 64-year-old from Cobourg, Ont., had assumed her defined-benefit pension was “money in the bank,” a guaranteed amount she’d receive in retirement regardless of the financial health o [...]

18 September 2017

Canada might be hit if second hurricane Irma develops

HALIFAX — Although Hurricane Harvey isn’t expected to have much of an impact on Canada, forecasters are warning of another potentially powerful storm that could blow through eastern parts of the country next week. Halifax meteorologist Jim Murtha said Harvey — which strengthened to a Category 2 storm as it steered toward the Texas coast on Friday — could bring some rainfall anyw [...]

26 August 2017

Everything is offensive: Here are Canada’s other politically incorrect place names

Last week, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario called on all school districts to strip the name of Sir John A. Macdonald from all Ontario public schools, reasoning that he was the “architect of genocide against Indigenous Peoples.”  They’re not wrong that Macdonald has a pretty dismal record on Indigenous relations, but if Canada is going to be pulling down every [...]

26 August 2017

New U.S. ambassador to Canada Kelly Knight Craft to start job in October

United States President Donald Trump's pick for Ambassador to Canada will start her new job in October, the U.S. embassy has confirmed. "The Ambassador-designate is very much looking forward to her arrival," a spokesperson for the embassy told CBC. "She still has a number of obligations in the United States and expects to arrive in early October." Kelly Knight Craft wa [...]

26 August 2017