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Restaurant Owners Learn 60% of Consumers Will Judge Them On Food Quality

Offering your restaurant customers the newest and fastest ways to pay or book a table is a great perk.

In fact, there are lots of emerging restaurant tech options for owners to offer their customers and help run their business more smoothly. But one factor trumps all those — food quality.

Restaurant Experience Statistics

According to this new infographic from Toast, makers of restaurant plefi, 60 percent of survey respondents say that food quality is the most important part of their visit to a restaurant. All the bells and whistles in the world clearly can’t top a great steak cut or some really fresh vegetables.

Although most people say food quality is very important to a great restaurant experience, other factors clearly also make it more likely your customers leave your establishment happy and ready to book their next visit.

Tablets at tables, for one, are important to improving a dining experience at a restaurant. The Toast data shows 61 percent of restaurant customers believe a handheld tableside tablet helps improve their overall experience. Customers can use these tablets to stay in contact with your wait staff, allowing them to order drinks or another appetizer or dessert without further distracting your servers.

And tablets help you, the restaurant owner, too. In fact, 67 percent of restaurant owners say these tablets also help improve their business operations.

Outside of tablets at the tables, 73 percent of diners told Toast restaurant technology overall helps improve their visit to a restaurant. And 95 percent of restaurateurs say this same technology helps improve their business operations.

The Toast data shows this tech doesn’t need to be anything special. Just the ability to split a check among guests is a big plus.

For example, According to the numbers from Toast, 90 percent of diners will pay for a full meal if they can use a credit card. Expect more of an a la carte situation — and lower check totals — if your guests are paying cash.


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