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Just 39% of Employees Want to Negotiate Their Salary

Staffing firm Robert Half (NYSE: RHI) just released the results of a survey about the negotiating going on with starting salaries. And only 39 percent of the respondents said they tried to negotiate pay with their last job offer.

The survey pointed out differences between genders and age group, as well as the many different cities across the country. The survey was carried out by an independent research firm with the participation of 2,700 workers across 27 cities in the United States. Male and female workers between the ages of 18-55+ in professional environments took part.

The survey didn’t identify company sizes, but for small businesses finding high-caliber talent and paying them the salary they want is a challenge. The good thing is for today’s employees, more specifically millennials, money is not the end all be all for them. Life-work balance, excellent working environment, upward mobility, charitable efforts and other factors go into considering a position.

The hiring process is also more complicated, as states have passed laws about discussing wages and past history.

Paul McDonald, senior executive director at Robert Half, addressed how employers and candidates should approach the subject considering the different laws, market conditions, and expertise. In the press release, he said, “Starting salary should be a factor of the job skills required and current market demand for those skills. That’s why it’s more important than ever for both parties to research market conditions thoroughly to pave the way for realistic, productive discussions.”


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