08 February 2018 0 Comments Posted By : Ayaz Nanji

The Top Super Bowl Ads According to Biometric Tracking

Among this year's Super Bowl commercials, an ad from Tide did the best job of emotionally engaging audiences, according to biometric tracking conducted by Ipsos.

The report was based on data from an in-person study. The researchers recruited 45 football fans to watch the game live in a theater. The participants wore biometric sensors that tracked their real-time nonconscious emotional arousal to the television ads based on galvanic skin response (GSR).

Each commercial was assigned a "Super Score" based on its ability to hook viewers, inspire a reaction at the brand reveal, maintain interest over the course of the ad, and bring audiences to a peak of emotion.

Tide's ad featuring Mr. Clean being replaced by David Harbour was the highest-scoring commercial.

The NFL's ad starring Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. ranked second, and M&M's ad starring Danny DeVito ranked third:


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