19 December 2017 0 Comments Posted By : Ronald Dod

What Are Facebook Messenger Ads and How Can Your Business Use Them?

Even with all our technology, we still prefer solutions that have a human touch. That’s why we use Siri on iPhone, voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home, and chatbots.  We like to feel like we are interacting with someone real. In turn, this sentiment has started to influence the way we shop.

Voice assistants and chatbots are being used to shop more efficiently. For instance, Alexa can find you shopping deals just with a voice command, or help you order a pizza without ever having to grab your phone. This conversational element mixed with eCommerce was coined conversational commerce by Chris Messina, former Uber developer.

Conversational commerce is the future of eCommerce and search engine optimization as we know it. That’s why social media tools and platforms are being optimized for building conversations online. For example, the launch of Facebook messenger ads shows how serious Facebook is about strengthening the platform’s conversational commerce capabilities. This type of ad is ideal for eCommerce stores to jumpstart their conversational commerce strategy.

Here, we’ll define Facebook Messenger ads, tell how to use them, and take them to the next level. Let’s get started!


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