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Five Ways to Position Your Organization for Sales and Marketing Success in 2018

Can you believe 2018 is right around the corner? It feels like the planning just ended for 2017. But now is the time for reflection on how those plans shook out, the successes that came from them, and the areas that could have been improved.

For any large organization this time of year is going to be a blur of analyzing, projecting, planning, and executing. By the time the new year rolls around, it will feel like it's time to take a deep breath, but in reality it'll be time to kick things off all over again.

Deciding where to focus your effort for the coming year can be hard. So many areas in the sales and marketing world are rapidly developing and new technologies are popping up every day. To attempt to cut through the noise, we at Seismic reached out to as many experts, practitioners, and analysts as we could and asked them a simple question: How are you positioning your sales and marketing teams for success in 2018?

The responses we received are illuminating. They reveal truths about how Sales and Marketing work together, how organizations should be allocating resources, and how to think about planning for the coming year.

The answers fell into a handful of categories that serve as important ways to think at a high level about your 2018 plans. Here are five of those approaches (30 in all) for improving your outlook for the coming year.


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