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Time Wasters are Your Business’s Worst Enemies, Here are 4 to Watch

There are only eight hours in the traditional work day, and for your business to remain as profitable as possible, you need to make the most of those hours. Productivity is typically defined as how much work, or how many tasks, you and your employees can do within a given timeframe.

Businesses attempt to optimize this by hiring more talented workers, buying better tools and equipment, and improving internal processes. But how many of those daily hours are wasted, and what’s causing your employees to waste them?

Top Time Wasters at Work

Though organizations and individuals vary, these are the most common time wasters you’ll need to watch out for:

1. Email

How many emails seem to drone on and on, with no meaningful information contained in them? You spend countless minutes a day wading through unnecessary information, like all your coworkers, and on top of that, your original senders are spending even more time writing those emails. The majority of employees are careless with how they organize, write and send emails, and ultimately, this adds up to hours of wasted time per day.

Correcting this problem starts with understanding it. Use an email analytics tool like Gmail Metrics to analyze your company email usage and come up with an action plan for how to improve it.

2. Social Media

It should come as no surprise your employees are likely using social media at work, whether reading the news or messaging their friends and family members. According to a recent study, two-thirds of American emloyees log into social media at least once per day while at work, with 20 percent of survey respondents spending an hour or more of their workday on social media.

Considering self-reporting bias may be in play here, the numbers may be even more higher than this. What’s worse, there’s no easy way to prevent this. You may block social media websites on your company internet, but it will be tough to block employees from using their personal devices to access social media.


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