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What’s the Difference Between Celebrities and Influencers – and Which Does Your Brand Need?

For the past couple of years, influencers have played a major role in promoting brands — both locally and internationally. While some marketing campaigns solely relied on influencers, I noticed that many brands used influencers alongside traditional celebrities. At the same time, I also noticed that more and more businesses are taking a risk to invest in influencer marketing.

This led me to believe that brands are increasingly relying on influencers, and may eventually prefer them over traditional celebrities. I believe in 2018, we’re going to see influencers prevailing in the marketing landscape, and overtaking celebrities.

So I decided to run a poll on Twitter, asking people whom they think will be the winners in 2018 — influencers or celebrities.

As you can see, 77 percent of the participants voted for influencers over celebrities. But the question is — why? Why do these participants think influencers will dominate in 2018 instead of celebrities?

In this post, I will do a thorough breakdown of the differences between celebrities and influencers. I will also make a case for each of them, and explain why influencers have the winning hand.


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