How to Measure Business Success, Apply These 2 Metrics Beyond Money

For awhile in my business, I looked at income as the only marker of success. I was completely income focused because it seemed like everywhere I turned other business owners were using income as the top metric to measure how well they’re doing. Income is the greatest motivator for some people. There’s nothing wrong with this mindset. But if money isn’t your greatest motiva [...]

28 February 2018

Time Wasters are Your Business’s Worst Enemies, Here are 4 to Watch

There are only eight hours in the traditional work day, and for your business to remain as profitable as possible, you need to make the most of those hours. Productivity is typically defined as how much work, or how many tasks, you and your employees can do within a given timeframe. Businesses attempt to optimize this by hiring more talented workers, buying better tools and equipment, and [...]

26 February 2018

Keyword Selection: The Key to Earning High Search Ranking [Infographic]

Only one thing brings search engine traffic to your website: searches. And searches—especially B2B searches—only sometimes begin with voice queries. The vast majority of the time, they still begin with typing. But, every time, they're based on keywords. Keywords feed the search engine. Search engines feed B2B marketers—or at least they can. Therefore, you need to understand how to se [...]

21 February 2018

The Power of the Team When Starting Your Business

Starting a small business doesn’t mean you have to start with a small idea. In fact, starting with a big idea can actually lead to more success than going with a series of smaller steps or goals. Small Business Trends spoke with Hadi Partovi of about this subject at Dreamforce 2017 in San Francisco. is a non-profit that works to expand access to computer science educat [...]

24 November 2017

Vancouver is Canada’s hottest major city for jobs: report

Vancouver is tops when it comes to job markets in the country’s major cities – defined as those with populations over 250,000 – according to an Express Employment Professionals report released August 30.For every 1,000 people in the city, there are 2.82 jobs currently available, according to the report. Vancouver is followed by Laval (2.71), Edmonton (2.7), Montreal (2.64) and Gatineau (2.52 [...]

31 August 2017

Richmond’s biggest industrial strata project fires up

The biggest strata industrial project in Richmond is about to break ground on Mitchell Island, with developer PC Urban aiming to pre-sell the space at from $270 per square foot.The 12-acre site, the former Western Steel manufacturing plant, will house 265,000 square feet of modern industrial real estate in two buildings on the Richmond-Vancouver border.“We found the only remaining site close to [...]

31 August 2017

Crime takes heavy toll on small businesses in the heart of Surrey

Mohamed Bhamjee grew up in Whalley and has seen the neighbourhood deteriorate over the years, plagued by homelessness and drug addiction issues. His parents’ grocery store on King George Boulevard, a neighbourhood fixture since 1980, abuts the notorious Whalley strip, a two-block stretch of 135A Street between 106 and 108 Avenues. The location has taken its toll.  “We’ve had [...]

30 August 2017

Trades stigma fading in minority communities

International students and youth from B.C.’s minority communities may be increasingly warming up to working in the trades, defying traditional perceptions of the sector and potentially providing a much-needed boost to the province’s growing labour shortage. Trades and vocational training institution [...]

30 August 2017

How a murky company with ties to the People's Liberation Army set up shop in B.C.

One evening in downtown Vancouver last November, some of B.C.’s political and business elite rubbed elbows with executives of one of China’s largest state-owned corporations, China Poly Group. They were celebrating the launch of a boutique art gallery by one of China Poly’s many subsidiaries, Poly Culture Group, which operates the third-largest auction house in the world. Under the [...]

30 August 2017

Europe eyes Vancouver as conduit to Chinese tourists

Vancouver's Chinese population, with its high proportion of affluent consumers and travellers, has caught the attention of European markets. And an increasing number of groups are trying to boost business and tourism ties between the two sides using B.C. as the conduit. In the most recent example, Metr [...]

30 August 2017

Editorial: Prepare for automated unemployment

Employment competition in the new job market will increasingly pit humans against robots, and the smart money is riding on the latter, because humans are shaping up to be no match for machines when it comes to entry-level employment opportunities. In “Lower Mainland eateries starving for workers” (Business in Vancouver issue 1450; August 15-21], Ian Tostenson, president of the BC [...]

30 August 2017

Chinese e-commerce giant targets Vancouver

After the emergence of smaller, homegrown B.C. players gaining access to China’s booming e-commerce market, the China-based giants of the sector have now started eyeing Canada and Vancouver in their quest to expand beyond Asia. The biggest such player, Beijing-based, recently made a stop in Vancouver in its three-city Canadian promotional outreach tour, pitching its online re [...]

30 August 2017