Vancouver business owners, residents concerned over closure of East 1st Avenue

FortisBC is asking for the patience of people living, working and travelling along Vancouver's East 1st Avenue as it closes a busy stretch of the thoroughfare for gas line construction. The road is now closed in both directions from Nanaimo Street to Clark Drive until Aug. 31.Stretch of East 1st Avenue in Vancouver closed until Aug. 31Partial lane closures from Rupe [...]

05 July 2018

A new study says Toronto trails only New York as the likeliest spot for Amazon’s new HQ — but that doesn’t count tax breaks

As 20 cities eagerly await signals from Amazon Inc., fresh analysis by a real estate and tourism consultant has both good and bad news for Toronto’s hopes of landing the tech giant’s second headquarters. Resonance, with offices in Vancouver and New York, used its data on cities and Amazon’s “request for proposal” to rank which of the 20 shortlisted cities best meet the [...]

22 May 2018

Find out where the real estate market is heading at “Toronto Tomorrow”

For a decade now, the property market in this city has been unstoppable. Prices soared, house supply tanked, and condo towers sprouted up across every corner of the GTA. But lately, change is in the air. In fact, this spring may be most pivotal season in Toronto real estate in recent memory. In April, home sales were down a staggering 32% over last year, with the average price down 12.4% [...]

22 May 2018

NDP pledge year-round GO rail service between Niagara and Toronto

Transit plan also includes Hamilton LRT project and rail service between Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto With seasonal GO rail service to Niagara set to begin this weekend, Andrea Horwath is promising to offer daily trains to and from Toronto year-round if she's elected as Ontario's premier. The NDP leader made the announcement during a visit to St. Catharines Thu [...]

22 May 2018

Why Toronto needs more townhouses

Matthieu St-Pierre met his wife in 2011, while studying at the University of Waterloo. After living in Montreal and Los Angeles, they eventually decided to settle down in Toronto. They found jobs in their chosen fields, St-Pierre as a senior software developer and his wife in communications at a university. When they had their first child, in 2014, their one-bedroom apartment in mid [...]

22 May 2018

Mayor warns Toronto may need emergency centre for refugees, demands more support

Mayor John Tory says Toronto will likely have to open an emergency reception centre within the next week for refugees arriving in the city.Tory is also calling Friday for federal and provincial help to deal with the pressure the increasing number of refugees are putting on the city's shelter system, marking the second time he's made the demand in recent weeks.Toronto could welcome a [...]

22 May 2018

Facebook just lost $60 billion — more than Tesla's entire market cap — in two days

Facebook Inc.’s privacy crisis has turned into a shareholder crisis.The social media giant has lost over US$60 billion in market value over the past two days, following revelations that personal data of millions of users was obtained by a data analytics firm. That’s more than the market capitalization of Tesla Inc. at around US$52 billion or three times that of Snapchat owner Snap In [...]

21 March 2018

Bitcoin boom and bust a lot like the dot-com bubble — but on steroids, Morgan Stanley says

Bitcoin has long been compared to the dot-com bubble. Morgan Stanley says its recent moves are similar to the tech boom and bust, but on steroids.Bitcoin’s recent moves almost mirror that of the Nasdaq Composite Index in the lead-up to and aftermath of 2000, but at 15 times the speed, Morgan Stanley said. The Nasdaq climbed 278 per cent in 519 days in the rally leading up to its high i [...]

21 March 2018

Trump tariffs set a dangerous precedent for global trade

It’s conventional wisdom: markets hate uncertainty. But maybe, after almost 14 months of Donald Trump in the White House, they’re getting used to it.Consider the seesaw reaction to the president’s recent tariff tantrum. Last week, he surprised almost everybody by announcing he was getting ready to impose a 25-per-cent tariff on imports of steel and a 10-per-cent levy on aluminu [...]

14 March 2018

Oprah Winfrey makes $110 million cashing in some of her Weight Watchers stock

Oprah Winfrey, who spurred a comeback at Weight Watchers International Inc. when she bought a stake in the company in 2015, is cashing in on the turnaround.Winfrey made US$110 million this month by selling 2 million shares of the company, most of which came from exercising options, according to a regulatory filing. She also donated 361,000 shares to her charitable foundation, which sold [...]

14 March 2018

How to ‘trade proof’ your Canadian portfolio without falling back on defensive stocks

TORONTO — Canadian fund managers are crunching numbers to trade-proof their portfolios, as the threat of U.S. tariffs boosts the appeal of domestic-focused names and shares of companies that have production capacity in the United States.The prospect of a trade war has rattled global financial markets, including the shares of Canada’s many export-driven companies such as those in the [...]

08 March 2018

Canadian dollar set to plunge to lowest level in 15 years on 'bully's mismatch,' currency guru says

One of the most prominent currency-markets gurus says the Canadian dollar will plunge to levels not seen in more than 15 years as trade turmoil intensifies.John R. Taylor, who formerly headed what was then the world’s biggest currency hedge fund, says his analysis of statistical patterns projects the loonie to weaken about 20 per cent to $1.60 per U.S. dollar by the end of next ye [...]

08 March 2018

Restaurant Owners Learn 60% of Consumers Will Judge Them On Food Quality

Offering your restaurant customers the newest and fastest ways to pay or book a table is a great perk. In fact, there are lots of emerging restaurant tech options for owners to offer their customers and help run their business more smoothly. But one factor trumps all those — food quality. Restaurant Experience Statistics According to this new infographic from Toast, makers of restaurant [...]

28 February 2018